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Processing Life, Creatively

I have been connected to my creative spirit since childhood. I feel centered and focused when I am making art, getting lost in the images I am producing. Traditionally a painter of canvas, my current body of work tends to be mixed media on paper, full of glazing, texture, and movement. It’s exciting for me to explore the surface with various marks and finishes, experimenting with tools and techniques that push my practice to new areas.


I am committed to connect with projects that work to bridge art and community through participatory engagements. My past work with WaterFire, a multi-sensory public sculptural installation set ablaze on the rivers in downtown Providence, expanded my artistic vision to see the power of engaging the public through art. More recent projects have led me to work with senior participants with students from Loyola University, connecting these two populations through dialogue and creative projects, and as an artistic curator with FIGMENT Chicago, where I am able to link the natural resources of location and the local artistic network to bring creativity to the community.


My passion for personal expression through creativity was the foundation of my establishing an informal “Open Studio” program for women. Since 2013, this program has offered a space to explore personal process outside of the home, a place to engage in dialogue, and an opportunity to create through community. Through inspiring other women to reconnect with their own practice, my own practice has been reignited through creating art every day, and has enabled me to exhibit a new body of work both locally and via the web.


Creativity is something that we, as living beings, all possess. I am amazed at the various paths that lead to the rediscovery of our creative nature. Share your ideas and stories about creative practice, and help unravel the mystery of this “creativity” thing. Join me in the exploration of the concept of creativity and the artistic process by visiting my Blogger and Art-Every-Day pages.




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